The proprietary SteadyType keyboard tray design solves four major problems with using a keyboard tray on a standing desk or treadmill desk.

  1. Mounting a conventional keyboard tray on a height adjustable desk is often impossible because the crossbars interfere with the keyboard tray’s sliding rail.
  2. Adding a keyboard tray to a 2-legged desk creates an even longer “moment lever,” leading to desk instability and shaky monitors when the user types on it (especially if they’re mounted on monitor arms).
  3. Conventional keyboard trays were designed for sitting, where having a maximum tilt of -15° not a problem when your forearms are supported by your chair’s arm rests; however, when standing or walking, a truly “neutral” posture requires a much steeper keyboard angle (typically -25° to -45° degrees for optimal typing speed and comfort).
  4. Conventional trays are inherently “floppy” due to the flexible materials and the accumulation of tolerances of each joint in the mechanism, leading to typing errors and reduced productivity.

The patent-pending SteadyType Keyboard Tray solves all of these problems, by integrating the keyboard tray right into the desktop. It creates a rock-solid platform (watch this video), while giving users the ability to tilt all the way down to -85° degrees without losing their keyboards. It universally accepts every popular brand of computer keyboard.

Thermogenesis Group, Inc. created and patented the SteadyType after several years of deep research into the ergonomics of using a computer while at a standing desk or walking desk. The patent is available for licensing by other desk manufacturers through our OEM program, and to furniture resellers and distributors through our ODM program.