About Us

Thermogenesis Group, Inc. is the leading innovator in the ergonomic design of standing desks and treadmill desks. While most every other ergonomics product manufacturer relies solely on 25+ years of research on computer users working at a sitting desk, Thermogenesis knows that working in a standing or walking position introduces tremendously different ergonomic requirements, along with risks of repetitive strain injury and reduced productivity when workstations are not properly configured.

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Thermogenesis works cooperatively with a number of major universities in the United States and Europe to support their research related to the adoption of active office furniture, such as treadmill desks, adjustable-height desks and sit-stand meeting tables. We can assist with research design, data collection, equipment provisioning, and access to our customer base for research cohorts.

While the first beneficiary of the SteadyType design was the iMovR division of Thermogenesis Group, the globally-patented technology is licensed to other desk manufacturers through our OEM program. We also have an ODM program for retailers and distributors who would like to offer uniquely customized versions of any iMovR product, including the Omega desks and Elevon Keyboard Trays with built-in SteadyType.